In the unstable climate of the Lebanese Civil war, back in 1987, AFEL officially opened its doors with a mission to save, protect and re-enforce the precarious childhood of the disadvantaged.

An NGO founded by Mr. Gabriel and Mrs. Simone Wardé. AFEL succeeds in keeping children, teenagers and, by extension, their families safe from the jaws of domestic abuse, violence, delinquency, drug abuse, and helps them conquer learning and communication disabilities in order to improve their future academically, socially and professionally.

In fact, thanks to its presence across a variety of centers and schools, and with the support of its extended family of contributors, donators, friends, and teams, AFEL provides its children with the services they need. After all, in the very words of Mme. Simone, “il faut de la volonté, de la solidarité avec les plus défavorisés, et surtout l’amour et le respect des autres dans leurs différences.”*

* it takes a combination of goodwill, solidarity and mostly love and respect despite existing differences to, on the long run, make this world a better place.
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