In the unstable climate of the Lebanese Civil war, back in 1987, AFEL officially opened its doors with a mission to save, protect and re-enforce the precarious childhood of the disadvantaged.

An NGO founded by Mr. Gabriel and Mrs. Simone Wardé. AFEL succeeds in keeping children, teenagers and, by extension, their families safe from the jaws of domestic abuse, violence, delinquency, drug abuse, and helps them conquer learning and communication disabilities in order to improve their future academically, socially and professionally.

In fact, thanks to its presence across a variety of centers and schools, and with the support of its extended family of contributors, donators, friends, and teams, AFEL provides its children with the services they need. After all, in the very words of Mme. Simone, “il faut de la volonté, de la solidarité avec les plus défavorisés, et surtout l’amour et le respect des autres dans leurs différences.”*

* it takes a combination of goodwill, solidarity and mostly love and respect despite existing differences to, on the long run, make this world a better place.




After the blast of August 4 in Beirut, we immediately organized ourselves in a crisis cell, and created a large platform that coordinated with the NGO’s working on the ground, in any devastated area of the city and requesting our services: replacing the torn curtains of the damaged houses. The replacement being free of charge provided our help targets the poor people, unemployed, old or with zero income.
December 2020,  Khalil Warde SAL was able to offer more than 40 000 meters of free fabrics for 1 500 affected homes and to install curtains. 
Our actions on the field:
WARDE Relief Program Campaign (video made by our marketing team)
Lebanon of Tomorrow x WARDE (video made by the NGO “Lebanon of Tomorrow” with whom we are collaborating for fabrics donation)
Lebanon of Tomorrow x WARDE restoring bars in the heart of Mar Mikhael, because it is also important for us to restore the hospitality and nightlife affected in the heart of Beirut, in our mission to give our city's soul back to life.
Beit El Baraka x WARDE (video made by the NGO “Beit El Baraka” with whom we are collaborating for fabrics donation)
WARDE Relief Program with IAMTHEWORLD 



Save Beirut cultural heritage : Sursock Museum


Situated at a mere 800 meters from the explosion site, the Sursock museum was severely impacted. The reconstruction works needed to restore the museum to its original state are tremendous due to very high damages.

The Sursock Museum’s Salon Arabe had always been one of the visitors’ favorite spots. Over the past five years, visitors sat on its half-moon benches to read, take a break, or rest.

The Beirut port explosion damaged the fabric and integrity of the benches’ cushions.

To support the Lebanese cultural heritage, we decided to help restore this iconic and folkloric room.

It is our wish that the Sursock museum will be able to reopen its doors soon so that visitors can once again relish this historic place again with refreshed fabrics.


For more information visit, Sursock museum website: 




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