How do I install my fabrics? Do we offer after sale services?

The installation procedures vary according to the dimensions of the product and the kind of usage, meaning the shape and volume of the final result. The best way is that you ask your curtain maker or upholsterer about the exact quantity needed before purchasing. Our dedicated sales teams can provide you with necessary information too.

What is your return policy?

Any product purchased at our showrooms can be returned under the following two conditions:
  • A quality defect (weaving or coloring difference going against the nature of the product)
  • Errors that occurred during the order processing, associated to picking and delivery.

We do not accept any return more than one week after the invoice date. It is therefore strongly recommended that you immediately check the parcel fabric when receiving your order, and not to leave it pending in its package (which could deteriorate the nature of your goods too).
Slight variations in color may be observed between one batch and another (refer to important notes below). This normally occurs during the coloring phase.

Important Notes:

Batch Variations:
Some differences can be observed between one batch and another, even if it is the same fabric. This is due to the composition of the fabric, especially when it comes to natural fibers such as linen, cotton, or silk. The dyeing technique, type of weave, color composition, and exposure to sunlight (specifically on silk) also lead to slight color change.

Maintenance and Care Instructions:
Fabrics are subject to different degrees of washability depending on their composition and can be vacuumed and ironed while others cannot. Most of them can only be dry-cleaned. Our back office is happy to advise you regarding this matter.

Delivery Periods:
Delivery periods vary greatly. Nonetheless, Warde strives to provide the best experience to our customers. If the item is in our stock, a maximum of 48 opening hours are required for delivery. Items that are out of stock or ordered upon request can take 3 to 15 weeks until final delivery, depending on the source of our product and its manufacturing technique.

Shipping abroad:
The price indicated in our showrooms includes all fees required for the arrival of the item up to our destination, however are exempting local VAT which would be added to final amount.

Should you need our assistance for expediting to an overseas destination, additional fees will be charged for delivery.

How can I find a showroom / franchisee?

Please visit the “Find Us” section of our website. A search can then be made using your town or city.